Improving Business Processes of KALIDE d.o.o.

–   Short Description:  Kalide d.o.o is a small company of skillful engineers, highly experienced in the field of automation, electronic monitoring, control and management of complex systems. Its core business is the design of automated systems encompassing state-of-the-art equipment and high quality software for applications in building management, agriculture, industrial facilities, utilities and infrastructure (roads, energy infrastructure, water and sewerage). EU-funded project “Improving business processes of KALIDE d.o.o.” supports company’s endeavor to build software platform that will allow higher productivity and thus improve position on domestic and foreign market on which the company successfully operates since 2009.

–       Objectives and Expected Results
:  The Project aims to address limitations to strategic goals such as increased turnover, improved market share and new employment. One of the means to address these limitations – which is the subject of this project – is an introduction of new IT solutions, such as EPLAN software, which is informal standard in electrical engineering in auto and food industry, machine industry, oil and gas industry, energy infrastructure, railways, steel and metal industries and water supply and sewerage systems. In the filed of automation, such software is pivotal for shorter and more reliable design process, as well as the quality of final product and future system management.
– Improved and integrated IT solution introduced by the project will result in the following benefits for KALIDE d.o.o.:

  • Better working processes and thus improved quality of service provided to customers and end product
  • Better quality control in process design – production – installation – commission – service and maintenance and thus increased added value and mitigation of risks
  • Increased productivity of work
  • Improved position of foreign markets through application of international and local standards and data, which are part of the IT solution
  • Improved supply chain through application of software’s database on manufacturers and equipment


–      Total project value and EU co-financing (HRK):  129,700.00 HRK; EU: 84,305.00 HRK (65%).

–      Implementing Period:  13.9.2019 – 13.6. 2020. (9 months)

–      Contact person:  Aleksandar Ljutić,

–      For more information on EU funds see:

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